World Design Capital - Lille Metropole 2020

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World Design Capital - Lille Metropole 2020

06 December 2019 > year 2020 - European metropolis of Lille

Lille Metropole is the first French metropolis to be designated by the World Design Organization.
Lille Métropole 2020, the year of Design, aims to propel the metropolis into a formidable dynamic, popular but also contributing to economic development.
The year 2020 will be marked by a series of major events.

On the program of Lille Métropole 2020:
- an urban opening festival, for the general public, on the occasion of Saint Nicholas, on 6 December 2019,
- open doors of design agencies, companies and schools to share design experiences,
- exhibitions by international designers throughout the metropolis,
- an award that will reward the 100 design experiments that change the world,
- a closing ceremony, to celebrate the influence of the metropolis as a new design territory