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Braderie de Lille

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Braderie de Lille

Every first weekend in september, on the occasion of the lille braderie, lilloise metropolis become the capital of china!

The Braderie de Lille is the largest and most famous flea market in Europe, but the Braderie de Lille is also one of the most famous events in France and even beyond our borders. Every year, more than two million visitors from all nationalities stroll the streets of the city of Lille in search of good deals! Throughout this weekend many events are organized in the streets of the city before, during and after the Braderie de Lille. For two days and two nights, the city of Lille is boiling. Take advantage of your Braderie de Lille 2020 edition for example to discover or rediscover the famous "mussels - fries", which, during the Braderie weekend, flow by tens of tons! This show alone is the reputation of gastronomy lovers from all over the world!


The majority of lille braderie 2020

The Braderie de Lille 2020 will officially start on Saturday. As with any empty attic or fair, the first day of the Braderie de Lille offers you the opportunity to do the best business (objects, antiques, games, decor, toys, books...). Please note that the large unpacking will only officially start at 8:00 am on Saturday 31 August 2020! Some will tell you that it is possible to do good business on Friday evening! Prepare your trips! Find out in advance the locations of the sellers you are interested in on the map of the Braderie de Lille. With its thousands of sellers, the Braderie de Lille is divided into several sectors: the small boulevards where you can often find the antique dealers (small antiques, records and books, broc’) and the large avenues where you can often find handicrafts and ethnic objects from artists all more creative than each other. For this Braderie de Lille 2020, antique dealers will be widely represented throughout the Boulevards Louis XIV and Liberté. There is also a large gathering of professional dealers specializing in antiques in the United Kingdom between the streets of La Porte de Roubaix and the Opera. Now you know the essential... Good Braderie de Lille!


Braderie de lille: learn more about the event

Every first weekend in September, Lille (in the north of France) becomes the world capital of the merchants and the hunt for good deals, while offering a unique opportunity to discover this colorful Flemish city with exuberant architecture, witness to the rich commercial history of Lille. True to its long tradition, the Grande Braderie de Lille 2020 will take place on September 5 and September 6, 2020. The flea market in Lille is the largest flea market in Europe and one of the most famous events in France and beyond. The Grande Braderie de Lille is the ideal place to find this hidden gem, to gather beautiful vintage and retro pieces in large quantities and, above all, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that reflects the city itself: warm, friendly, festive and a gastronomic paradise - especially for those who like traditional "fried mussels" (fried apple mussels). In 2020, the city of Lille awaits no less than two million visitors, who will travel the streets of the city center to the sound of music from Saturday 8:00 to Sunday 6:00 on September 5 and September 6, 2020.


What's new in 2020?

After the Braderie was canceled in 2016 for fear of terrorist attacks, the event organizers decided to make some configuration changes in 2017. For the Braderie de Lille 2018, most of these changes were maintained, but the central space dedicated to the event once again included the Wazemmes neighborhood, and in particular the Léon Gambetta street. Other changes to improve visitor traffic at security checkpoints were also made. Quality improvement: One of the main complaints of antique and antique dealers at the Grande Braderie de Lille was that this massive flea market had turned into a commercial event used by retail stores to sell their old stocks at reduced prices. But this was to change in 2017: The entire Braderie has been redesigned to give more space to dealers, antique dealers and riverside dealers. In a statement, the city council of Lille said that it wanted to "bring back the original spirit of the Braderie, by proposing a wider blend of attics, antique dealers and fairs". Unfortunately, some experienced visitors reported that the 2017 Braderie de Lille was slightly disappointing, as it was smaller and had less choice to offer than previous years, as some professional dealers decided not to come. For 2020, there is great hope that the Braderie will continue its journey to regain its glory of yesteryear, as the city has proved that it is possible to reconcile the imperatives of safety and the creation of a market of quality chips.

More events and celebrations: New sub-events have been set up, inspired by the celebration of "Lille Remains in Celebration" which replaced Braderie in 2016. A special Braderie for comics was organized again at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, while a special Braderie for children was held at the Gare Saint-Sauveur. Finally, a special itinerary "Antiquities and vintage shopping" has been set up for professional antique dealers and dealers on the Boulevards Louis XIV and the Boulevard de la Liberté. Don’t forget to come back here for the Braderie 2020 agenda. We will update the article once it is confirmed. Increased security: Security has always been paramount for local authorities. This is why, as early as 2016, the Grande Braderie de Lille was canceled following the terrorist attack in Nice, which claimed the lives of 86 people. In 2017 and 2018, security was strengthened with 29 access points placed under strict police supervision and concrete roadblocks. The same safety standards are also expected to apply in 2020.


Lille braderie plan 2020

The official map of the Braderie de Lille 2020, usually published by the municipal government a few weeks before the event, has not yet been published. This map provides a useful overview of the area that is part of this year's Braderie. However, it should be very similar to the map of the 2018 edition of the Grande Braderie: Click here to download: Official map - Grande Braderie de Lille 2018. As last year, the route of the Braderie de Lille 2020 will again include spaces dedicated to professional antique dealers. For those who love to buy antiques and vintages, who flock to the Braderie de Lille 2020, they must pay attention to the areas indicated in yellow on the map below. The district of the brocantes consists mainly of Boulevard de la Liberté, Boulevard Louis XIV, the esplanade, Rue Saint Sauveur and part of Rue G. by Chatillon. Before the 2017 reorganization, the organizers tried to preserve 90% of the area that was part of the Braderie de Lille. This year, Wazemmes and Gambetta Street, which were not part of the Braderie neighborhood in 2017, are expected to be part of the event again. The Grande Braderie 2020 will most likely also include the Center and Old Lille districts and will open designated areas outside the core of the event for residents who wish to participate in the Braderie.


otels in lille for braderie de lille 2020

Even when the Grande Braderie does not take over Lille, the city is an excellent destination for a day trip or a short stay, as Lille is a few hours away by train from London. Although it is French, it is also the former capital of Flanders. Indeed, the city’s turbulent history has seen Lille become again a Flemish, Burgundian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, German, French, German and French city. However, Lille maintains an intrinsic Flemish flavor in the kitchen, architecture and even the Ch’ti accent of the inhabitants of the city.


Accommodation in lille

Two million visitors flock to Lille, so it is essential to plan your stay in Lille as soon as possible, in order to find a hotel near the Braderie de Lille. From the luxury hotel to the apartment and the boats on the canals, Lille offers a varied choice of hotels. Book now and enjoy the free cancelation on most rooms with - the city fills up quickly and it is better to be careful than sorry. To do / To see for the Braderie de Lille 2020 Lille's old town is simply magnificent. Stroll through its streets, take time to watch its architecture and walk along its cobbled streets. Start at Grand Place - the main market square, and take it from there with as many views as we have suggested here.


Restaurant during the braderie de lille

Flemish culture plays an important role in Lille cuisine. Take a look at the menus and all the articles with the names will be of Flemish origin. There are brasseries and gourmet restaurants as well as tea rooms, but don't leave Lille without having tried a herbal tea. Shopping Lille is a university city and, as such, its 200,000 inhabitants are mostly under 30 years old. The shopping here is a reflection of this. There are several funky shops that sell ideal gifts for weddings and rack hangings, as well as superb shops that sell magnificent and sometimes eccentric household items. Craftsmen sell their products and an eclectic mix of fashion outlets ranges from designers' names to small shops. When it comes to shopping, Lille does it with style.


Bars & nightlife during lille braderie

Don’t forget to lie down late as Lille is a young city and therefore there are enough nightlife for all tastes. Funky bars, nightclubs, nasty shows and cabarets all rush to catch your eye.


Accessibility of lille braderie 2020

When planning a trip to the Braderie de Lille, many visitors face a dilemma. Is it preferable to drive, to be able to easily take the chips market sights home, or do Braderie visitors have to come by bus or train to avoid getting stuck in traffic? We can tell you: Access to the Braderie area, which is only accessible on foot, by one of the 29 access points, is prohibited for cars. Public transport links will be strengthened during the event, so that you can always travel to Lille safely and easily. If you decide to drive to the Braderie de Lille, it is recommended to park in one of the parks & ride in Lille and the surrounding area. The map below gives you an overview of the facilities available in the whole of the Lille metropolitan area, which are well served by train and/or metro to the city center. You should know that these facilities are free of charge, but are only accessible to people who buy a local train (TER) ticket or a metro (Transpole network) ticket to get to the city. Remember that you will have to show your ticket when you leave the P&R facilities, and you will be there before midnight, as they close after (some remain open until 1 a.m.). Note that these facilities are not accessible to larger vehicles, such as campers or vans.


How to take full advantage of lille braderie 2020

This article should be used as a guide to planning your trip to Lille and to help you spend an unforgettable weekend at the Braderie de Lille. In conclusion, we summarized our best advice: Plan your accommodation well in advance! Even if you are not yet 100% sure to be present, book a hotel with free cancelation - you have nothing to lose! Lille is full well before the event. Leave your car at home and bring good walking shoes and stamina - the flea market area is huge! Don't forget your umbrella! Lille is in the north, where it rains a lot, and the weather changes rapidly. Bring cash if you intend to buy a lot, but be aware of the pickpockets that take advantage of the crowd. If you are planning to buy large items, consider using shipping services to help your flea market find a buyer. If you book accommodation in Lille, book your accommodation in another city in the region, or even in Paris or Brussels, which are well served by train. But do not forget to book your train ticket at least a few days in advance! If you are still wondering if it is worth going to the Braderie de Lille 2020: do it! Otherwise, you'll never know. At the very least, you can say that you have attended the largest flea market in Europe.


And the lille braderie in a few figures is:

2: the number of days during which the Grande Braderie operates (in 2018: Saturday 6 September - Sunday 2 September | in 2020: Saturday 5 September - Sunday 6 September | in 2020: Saturday 5 September - Sunday 6 September | in 2021: Saturday 4 September - Sunday 5 September| in 2022: Saturday 3 September - Sunday 4 September
40 : the number of hours it takes to travel all the streets of Lille where the Grande Braderie takes place.
100: this is the number of kilometers of stands spread over all of Lille during the Grande Braderie.
500: the number of tons of mussels consumed during the Grande Braderie of Lille 2015 (with 30 tons of fries!). "Fried mussels are a traditional dish of the Grande Braderie de Lille; every year, the city’s restaurants challenge each other throughout the event: stack the largest pile of empty mussel shells outside the restaurant!
1127: the year in which the Grande Braderie de Lille was first mentioned in a written document! What a lasting tradition.
10,000: the number of sellers who sell to the Grande Braderie de Lille.
22,172: the record number of counterfeit goods seized by customs in 2010 at the event.
2,500,000: the number of visitors to the Grande Braderie de Lille in 2015. By comparison, the Braderie de Rennes, the second largest fair in France, welcomes approximately 400,000 visitors each year (last Wednesday in June).

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