LILLE3000 - ELDORADO 2109 : The Events

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 LILLE3000 - ELDORADO 2109 : The Events

From 27 April to 1 December 2019, 
Lille3000 will propose its 5th major thematic edition (exhibitions, metamorphoses, festivals, shows, events...) entitled Eldorado. This time, Lille3000 will be playing the Spring/Summer/Autumn season card, allowing visitors to explore the region on sunny days, with open-air programming.
In partnership with the cultural, collective, associations and communes of the metropolis, Eldorado offers a varied program, inviting everyone to travel and provoking curiosity and the desire to dream about a country known, unknown, or even imaginary.
In this way, in music, theater or dance, the reception is given to productions by artists, companies or groups from Mexico and South America, or from here, where there are many links between popular and contemporary culture. The quest for ideal is also at the center of the program. Personal ideal where each individual can find the strength to change his or her destiny, and his or her sometimes inevitable corollary of loss of illusion. Or collective ideal, through utopia that passes through time and sometimes turns into major changes or revolutions.
In the halls, on stage, in the public space or in the gardens, the Eldorado is located here in a playful path, in pursuit of the objectives to be achieved and around the issues of our time.

Eldorado is an opportunity to showcase what makes the cities of the metropolis rich. In partnership with artists and metropolitan collectives, the communal and traditional festivals of cities will take on an exceptional color.

These highlights are dressed throughout the edition by elements of the parade, mobile Alebrijes, hummingbirds of Puebla. The municipalities can parade or display their Mexican productions (alebrijes, carnival masks and papel picado).